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생산성 유틸리티
개발자: Yan Li
4.99 USD


Anti-Malware&Adware will detect and remove all current adware and malware for the Mac and will be updated to support new malware and adware as they come out.

How do you check if your Mac is infected by malware? You will find that Anti-Malware&Adware is very easy to use. All you have to do is click “Scan Malware&Adware” and “Remove” (if needed), and then the whole process will be finished in seconds.

If you feel that your Mac is infected by something, then you can choose Anti-Malware&Adware to check whether your Mac is infected by malware. This anti-malware app will keep updating to protect the security of your Mac.

Anti-Malware&Adware has a strong database support and can detect more adware and malware than other apps after testing.

Keep hackers away from your Mac. Keep your Mac safe.

Note: If you feel that a app is suspicious adware or malware , Submit the app name for us, We will analyse the app and give you feedback. Thanks!(Use new feature “Submit suspicious Adware/Malware”).